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​​...but if God has ordained that I should fall in this struggle, be assured that I shall fall defending my country’s flag and the Constitution under which I have lived and which I feel bound to transmit unimpaired to my children and to posterity.”   Orrin L. Gatchell, June 12, 1863



​Chapter 1. September 12, 1862

"A man who has no love of country is entirely unfit or worthy of the love of any woman.”
Orrin L. Gatchell

Chapter 2.  January 13, 1863

Fredericksburg: “The news of our brother’s death was unexpected to me, although I knew that his regiment was hotly engaged. In fact, our division relieved the one he was in, and we remained on the same field in line of battle for over fifty hours before we were relieved... You have no doubt read all the published particulars of that horrid slaughter (I can call it by no milder name) long before this time.” Orrin L. Gatchell

Chapter 3. February 2, 1863

Fredericksburg: " …in the night in the cover of its darkness, we retired from the field that we had so dearly won, having lost all confidence in our leaders if not in the administration at Washington. And when I look back on the terrible scenes of those six days of fighting and think that our infantry columns were expected to storm and take those almost impregnable heights with little or no support from our own artillery, it seems little less than the wholesale slaughter of our brave troops.”  Orrin L. Gatchell

Chapter 4. May 8, 1863

Chancellorsville: "Nothing was heard but the mournful cries of the wounded and dying mingled with the plaintive song of the whippoorwills in the woods. The moon rose in the east and shone over the bloody field as sweetly as though all was peace and quiet below.” Orrin L. Gatchell

Chapter 5. May 31, 1863

“…and as to their Negroes, there will be but precious few of them left when the Union Army leaves, for every officer wants from one to half a dozen for servants. They fare hard in our regiment…
Orrin L. Gatchell

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